Enhance your virtual and hybrid on-boarding process

Organizations everywhere are still finding the appropriate workflow to accommodate the new hybrid work model. One part of that puzzle is the onboarding process of new employees. This can especially be tricky if the organization is primarily utilizing a remote work model.

Recently our partners over at Zoom provided some detail as to some of the lessons they’ve learned as they transition their onboarding experience to accommodate for an everywhere workforce and the lessons they spotlight might be beneficial to other companies who are facing a similar challenge.


  1. Create equity between on-site employees and remote employees within your meeting spaces.

When you have participants both in your office and participating remotely, it’s vital to create an atmosphere that is inclusive to all parties. This may require some pre-planning and configuration of your presentation space but ensuring that those who are participating remotely don’t feel disconnected or disengaged can make a big difference in the first impression of your new hire’s experience with your organization.


  1. Ensure you offer support for various languages

This is most appropriate for any global organization. Communication platforms like Zoom now offer the ability for live language transcription. Zoom describes that in their most recent onboarding sessions for their Sydney office, they offered live transcription in Japanese, Mandarin, and English. This is such a powerful asset that has not been easily available and it would be wise to take full advantage of it.


  1. Host ‘get to know you’ sessions

Consider how you may use an ice breaker activity if you had a large group of new hires in your facility and then apply that process to a virtual meeting space. By utilizing breakout rooms during your session, you can create a more intimate space where you can get to know your new hires on a more personal level and they can also get to know each other at the same time.


  1. Inject some fun into the process

This plays off of the previous point because it can break up the natural monotony that might occur during a long informative onboarding session. Utilize the tools within your meeting platform to create an environment that is fun for your participants. This can either be using integrated apps if your platform offers it or pre-planning to include some interactive games that will keep your new hires feeling positive and excited throughout the process.


  1. Encourage participation

Make sure your participants are engaged and with you. You can do this by utilizing chat, polls, breakout sessions, and more.


  1. Music

Consider playing some music during breaks that may help refresh your participant’s minds and attitudes, especially in between segments of your sessions that might be dense with information. Zoom specifically offers a high fidelity stereo mode through their screen sharing feature that allows you to share what you’re listening to with your attendees in an uncompressed format. A quick tip here is to make sure you’re following licensing guidelines before putting any music in a public space.


  1. Lunch

This is a simple one but maybe overlooked for virtual participants. Consider providing lunch not just for the attendees in the office but for your remote employees as well. This can be accommodated through a meal delivery app such as Uber Eats or can be as simple as specifying a dollar amount and allowing each employee to expense the company for lunch that they ordered themselves.


  1. Happy Hour

If team building and employee morale are important for your organization, consider creating a virtual Happy Hour. Schedule an after-hours meeting well in advance and utilize virtual backgrounds, meal vouchers, and more to create an environment that encourages your new hires to relax and get to know each other. See examples of how leading organizations are creating informal spaces for engaging with new hires.


  1. Create a resource library

If your onboarding process includes a large amount of information, it’s likely worth it to create a resource library that you can reference throughout your meetings and that your attendees can utilize at a later time. This can include pdf’s, recording of your onboarding meetings, and more.


  1. Create a lasting memory

This comes down to making an impression on your new hire that they carry with them into their new role with your company. Consider utilizing some swag that your employees will receive upon completion of their onboarding session. Zoom suggests using their new immersive view to put all participants in a virtual environment that feels inclusive and then screenshotting it so they have a keepsake image of their new hire class. Additionally, consider setting up a chat channel for all new hires so they can stay in communication with each other as they begin their new career with you.

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