SMART Learning Suite Online may be just what you need this fall!

Many parents and teachers are spending the Summer wondering how exactly the school season will look this fall. While there is no clear uniform direction for everyone, there are technology solutions available that are well worth considering right now. One of those solutions comes from our partner, SMART. It’s the SMART Learning Suite Online, or SLSO.

Essentially, SLSO allows students to remotely participate in live lessons in real-time alongside their teachers and classmates. This is a cloud-based solution that runs on the web, so it’s essentially device agnostic. This is essential because it allows various students with various hardware to have a similar experience.

SMART breaks down the primary abilities of SLSO into three areas.

Flexible lesson delivery, Virtual Collaboration, and Activities and assessments to gauge the participant’s understanding.

Flexible lesson delivery allows teachers to provide lessons to students in various methods ranging from the whole class to project-based, small group, and individual level. This provides the teacher with many options depending on the needs of their class and their lessons. SMART also provides the teacher with the ability to switch at any time from “teacher-paced” to “student-paced.” “Student-paced” allows the student to review and complete lessons at their own pace while the lesson is running. “Teacher-paced” allows the teacher to set the pace of the action.

Collaboration is sometimes vital amongst students, and SMART enables this even through distance learning through Virtual Collaboration. This empowers students to participate and add text, images, and other content to share information, research, and more. The teachers can view all of this content and provide real-time feedback. This simulates an experience very similar to the traditional classroom experience and even adds some capabilities that otherwise would not be possible. SMART also offers “Shout It Out,” which allows students to send responses through text and images via their own device to a lesson. Teachers can take these responses and organize and present them to create and encourage a flowing dialogue keeping the students engaged with their teacher and with each other.


Lastly, SLSO provides activities and assessments to ensure students understand the lessons and keep up with the class. Teachers have a range of options to do this ranging from short answers to multiple-choice, true and false questions, and more. These activities allow the student to engage in the process and provide individual results on their own device while providing the teacher with information on each student participating in their class. This is essential because the teacher can use this information to adjust their learning plan as needed and provide an experience for students, both in class and remote, that is effective, engaging, and fun!

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SLSO by SMART is powerful and this is just a brief insight into it’s capabilities. If you’re interested in learning more about all that SLSO can provide for you and your students this coming school season, please fill out the form below and we’ll have an education specialist contact you soon!


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