Education Technology Solutions

Education technology solutions
Education Technology Solutions

Education Technology Solutions | Overall, network strength in a school is essential, and security is vital for keeping your students and their information safe and secure. Additionally, with various devices, students may bring into the classroom and utilize it for learning. Therefore it’s important to maintain control and the ability to monitor their online activity. New technological advancements provide school faculty with more information and use analytics to flag dangerous behavior and provide a comprehensive look at your students’ online activity.

K-12 School AV Solutions

Educational technology solutions should complement a classroom and empower both the instructor and the student. These solutions include Smart Boards, Interactive displays, Student classroom collaboration, and Online distance learning. Also, VIcom provides AV Solutions for Higher Education. We understand that the modern classroom utilizes technology to enhance students’ learning experience in the classroom and through distance learning.

SMART Technology in the Classroom

VIcom provides engineering, installation, and training/support for SMART Technology solutions in the classroom. You also might be interested in the following articles.
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Education Technology Solutions

VIcom is well experienced in education technology solutions. Moreover, VIcom assists many organizations in simplifying and enhancing their ability to communicate efficiently. Our education technology team is led by real-world educators who have a first-hand understanding of teachers’ and school administrators’ needs.


From the initial state of consultation to the implantation, training, and support, we can provide a solution that meets your staff and students’ needs today while setting you up for success in the future. We invite you to explore the full range of education applications that VIcom can provide.

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