Is the Conference Room still relevant?

Organizations everywhere have either recently or are preparing to begin the transition back into the workplace. This process and the situation leading up to it have caused many leaders to reconsider how to best utilize their office space and questioning how much office space may be necessary moving forward.

Though remote work is certainly not a fleeting trend and yes, many companies have chosen to reduce their office space, we believe that the office still serves a purpose and this can especially be seen in the conference room.

Conference rooms enable privacy. Even in the days of open floor plans and video conferenced meetings, certain things need to be discussed in person and in private. For years, the conference room has been the space where important decisions are agreed upon, interviews are conducted, ideas are pitched, and ultimately where business is conducted. Most organizations would benefit from having a discreet and private space to meet.

Conference rooms enable collaboration. We’ve seen that it’s possible to conduct a productive meeting via video conferencing but in certain cases, it’s necessary for the parties to all join in one space and collaborate. Collaboration has been shown to increase productivity and the conference room is a great place to get the team together and foster an environment that lets the magic happen.

Conference rooms enable a strong impression. Bringing a client or potential employee into an attractive conference room fosters a great sense of pride and creates a strong impression for the participants in your meeting. In the world of business, this dynamic can have a significant effect. This is where not only the style and aesthetics of the room are important but the technical aspect is important as well. Ultimately, you want a conference room that works as well as it looks.

These are only a few key reasons why the conference room is still relevant now and moving forward.

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