Zoom introduces new features for July 2021

Zoom is constantly working to improve and enhance the experience and efficiency of it’s users.

Updates for Zoom Meetings

Survey Capabilities

Zoom has added post-meeting surveys which will enable organizers to gain more insight into how their meeting benefitted their participants. Zoom has included multi-choice, single choice and long form answer options. This feature is similar to the survey options in Zoom webinars an will likely be a very beneficial feature for many organizations.

Emoji Reactions (& the return of the coffee mug)
In effort to provide meeting participants with ways to express themselves without distracting or interrupting the meeting, Zoom has added emojis to the in-meeting-chats. Zoom has also brought back what they’ve said was a missed feature, the coffee mug reaction which provides meeting attendees with a subtle and not intrusive way to indicate that they’ve temporarily stepped away from the meeting.

Updates for Zoom Phone

Team SMS for auto receptionist
Callers can not interact with the auto receptionist via SMS or MMS in an effort to assist Zoom customers efficiently handle increasing call volumes. Callers can locate the party they are trying to contact by using text message responses as well as ask common questions.

Team SMS for call queues
This feature is similar to a traditional call que but it’s only over text. This enables a team of users to monitor and response to customers via text messaging. Whena customer reaches out via text, team members are all sent a text message and any team member can respond. After a period of inactivity (5 minutes), the conversation is released so other members can jump in. These text dialogues can also be elevated to a phone call.

Voice recording compliance for financial services
Zoom understands that organizations within certain financial services are required to meet strict recording compliance requirements are part of regulations so they’ve provided an update to meet those requirements. This enables defining a secondary storage location for recordings and policies that provide administrators with the ability to disable or block end-user call forwarding. Depending on the strictness and specifics of the regulations, Zoom has introduced a variety of new controls for this feature.

Updates for Zoom Chat

Consolidated search capabilities
Zoom has introduced some major enhancements to improve search functionality. Zoom users can now use the unified search functionality which provides quick and easy access to information across contacts, chat, channels, files and more right inside Zoom chat.

Video Playback
In an effort to streamline the way Zoom users share information, Zoom has added support for video playback directly within a Zoom chat. This eliminates the need to download a file or open a new window in order to view a video.

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