Why Digital Signage is an incredible asset during a pandemic (& over 100 free digital signage assets)

Digital Signage Companies | Like many others, Covid-19 has transformed the dynamics of my day-to-day. A few days ago, as I’m working in my home office, my wife asked if we could take the kids out for a treat during lunchtime as both a reward for their good behavior and a much-needed chance to get some fresh air and a brief mid-day break. We loaded our kids into the car, two of them in their car seats, and we were on our way! It’s less than a mile to our downtown area, and we quickly found ourselves driving slowly and peering out the window, trying to see who was open and who was closed, who was allowing customers to enter, and who was delivery only. It was a challenge. As we peered from the car, moving from each establishment to the next, we considered it worth taking the time to find parking, remove the kids from the car, and head in. I couldn’t help but think to myself,


“Man, these places could use some large and easy to read signage.”


Most establishments had updated hours and services posted, but almost all of them were on printed paper attached to their front door, and for us (and many customers like us), that isn’t the most effective way to communicate at a time.

This is where digital signage comes into play.

Digital Signage Companies | In it’s most simple form, digital signage is content displayed on a digital display. Typically you’ll see it on flat-panel TV-style displays but digital display is also used on billboards, video walls, and other digital platforms. Digital signage has quite a few obvious benefits but there are some benefits that are even more significant during a pandemic.

  1. It’s easy to see. From the street, from the car, from a lobby, no matter where you need to get your message across, digital signage can help you do it. If you know your viewer will be reading your message from a distance, you can use a larger display, if you know they’ll be closer, you can utilize a smaller size. The ability to scale with ease as necessary is a huge benefit.
  2. Immediate updates. You can send content to be displayed on digital signage in real time so your signage is always relevant. This can be updated hours, updated services, advertisements, instructions, messages of encouragement and more. One lesson this pandemic has enforced is that we really know what will happen next so the ability to quickly and efficiently inform your customers is vital.
  3. It can be portable.  Innovations in digital signage have led to options that are easy to move around as needed. This is especially beneficial if the pandemic requires any transformation of your space or specific flow of customer traffic. You can use digital signage with arrows or instruction to make sure your customers know exactly what’s being asked of them during this sometimes stressful time.

If you’re looking for quick and effective digital signage content, Synect media is offering a large collection of attractive signage assets completely free for use during the pandemic. They can be accessed here. This includes over 100 files in both landscape and portrait mode including messages informing your customers that your open, or arrows instructing the flow of traffic.

If you’re interested in a free demo to see how digital signage can assist your organization during this time, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact with you!

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