Returning to the workplace with Digital Signage

Long before the pandemic, many organizations understood the value of effective digital signage. Innovations in digital signage technology have made it easier than ever to communicate your message quickly and efficiently regardless of the industry you operate in or the technical abilities of your staff.

 In 2020, the pandemic introduced a variety of new challenges, and with those challenges came a higher standard of expectation from staff and clients alike. As we move closer to 2021, and many organizations move closer to phasing employees and clients back into the office, Digital Signage offers an even more efficient role in the workplace. When paired with wayfinding technology, a safer and more effective workplace emerges. What does this workplace look like? Let’s discuss a few examples.

The first place we can see the strength of Digital Signage is at the front end of the facility. A Digital Signage kiosk with built-in thermal technology stationed at your entrance can provide features such as routine temperature checks with thermal scanning, touch-free voice control, important alerts, and news as well as voice and/or video communication with your front desk employees. This technology would eliminate the need for unnecessary face to face interaction and provide a safe experience for guests entering your space and for your staff.

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Thermal screening technology in combination with Digital Signage can also serve a purpose within your facility, assisting in the management of employee and guest building capacity as well as controlling the traffic and flow of your office. Digital Signage throughout the facility could display dynamic and updated traffic instruction based on the current occupancy of the space. Wayfinding applications can utilize Artificial Intelligence of Things (or AIoT) to leverage real-time user data from a variety of sources and auto-generate a personalized path throughout your facility, even instructing employees to which station they should sit at, taking into consideration the occupancy guidelines at that time and the occupancy of the space itself. Though this sounds like an experience from futuristic science fiction, the technology exists today.

Lastly, Digital Signage simply better prepares your organization to adapt to any changes that develop amidst the pandemic. Providing your staff with the ability to deploy crucial messaging to clients and employees in real-time even if they’re working from home, is essential in creating a positive experience during a confusing time.

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