5 ways to improve your video conference etiquette and experience

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While many are beginning the process of transition back into the workplace, it’s become evident that video conferencing as a standard platform for meetings and discussions is not a trend that will be fading away. Considering that meeting via video will remain a standard practice in the modern workplace, it may be a good idea to introduce, or re-emphasize some best practices for video conferencing at your organization. Here are a few best practices to help get that conversation started!

  1. Be on time (Actually, be a little early.)

Here’s a harsh truth. If your video conference is scheduled at 9 am and you sign on at 9 am, you’re already late. We all know the importance of being on time for a meeting, we’d never walk into a conference room a couple of minutes late with a client waiting so let’s bring the same level of timeliness and respect to our digital meetings. Consider giving yourself a 5-7 minute buffer for any technical difficulties that may arise and then take advantage of that time before your meeting starts to either participate in some conversation with other attendees or gather your notes before a presentation.

   2. Dress the part

We’ve all been told to dress for success. Your meeting attire has less to do with vanity and far more to do with maintaining a sense of professionalism. We would hardly approve of sweatpants and t-shirts in a face-to-face meeting because we understand that our appearance (or the appearance of others) serves a significant role in obtaining the confidence of your meeting participants. Carry this appearance standard into your video meetings, just as you would carry them into the conference room.

   3. Turn on your camera

I understand the hesitation behind firing up that webcam. However, it cannot be understated how awkward it feels to participate in a video meeting without seeing your participant. When we consider that a portion of effective communication during a meeting can be non-verbal, it becomes very clear how important a role video plays in a video conference. Besides, if you’re dressed the part (see point #2), you’ve got nothing to hide.

   4. Pay attention to your setup

A clean and organized background space serves two major purposes in your video meetings. First, it presents you in the best light. Second, it eliminates any potential distraction that may arise from an unorganized or unattractive visible space behind you. Invest some energy in creating a meeting space you can be proud of. Pay attention to your lighting. Consider positioning yourself appropriately beside a window or utilize a video light (very affordable on Amazon) to ensure that your lighting is clean, adequate, and attractive. Additionally, consider upgrading your webcam and microphone if you’re not happy with the performance of your current audiovisual setup. These small changes with greatly enhance your meetings.

   5. Avoid the urge to multi-task

Despite what many of us believe at the moment, it’s easy to identify if someone you’re meeting with is also completing other tasks at the same time. This is especially obvious if you’re in a one-on-one meeting. Avoid the temptation to use your phone or respond to an email in the middle of a meeting. Ask yourself, would this be appropriate in a face-to-face meeting? If the answer is no, it’s not appropriate for a video meeting either. Our time and the time of others are equally important, whether we’re meeting in person or digitally.

These are just a few tips to enhance the success of your video conferences. If your organization has any questions or concerns regarding your ability to communicate effectively, fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact!





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