9 New Microsoft Teams features (March 2021)

In this video Mike Tholfsen, Youtube Microsoft guru details 9 exciting new features that Microsoft rolled out in the latest Teams update!

Don’t have time to watch the video? Don’t worry, we’ll go through the 9 updates below.

  1. Reactions

This new feature allows for the participants of your meeting to provide real-time, animated reactions throughout the meeting. If you’ve ever used emoji’s in the midst of a text conversation, this will feel very similar. Not a fan of the reactions? You have the ability to disable these in your meeting as well.

2. Shortcut to raise hand

This is a quick and efficient feature that allows you to bypass needing to navigate the screen via mouse and instead, quickly raise your hand in a meeting by simply pressing Ctrl + Shift + K.

3. View switcher

This feature allows you to quickly and easily change the viewing option during your meeting. You can easily switch from Gallery, Large Gallery or the most unique viewing option (in my opinion), the Together view.

4. Turn off notes and slide picker in presenter mode

This feature provides a more streamlined and minimal viewing option while you’re presenting in your meeting. You can enable this by simply pressing Ctrl + Shift + K.

5. High Contrast Mode

High contrast mode is designed to make reading text easier depending on your device and viewing environment. The nice part about this feature is that enabling high contrast mode as the presenter does not change the appearance of your presentation to the other participants in your meeting (though Microsoft will be releasing an update that enables participants to turn on and off high contrast mode as they desire).

6. Click on Teams calendar time slot to create meeting

This is a very simple but useful and efficient feature that enables you to create a meeting with someone by clicking directly on the open time slot within their calendar.

7. Meeting response options

This feature provides the option for the person creating the meeting to require a response and if the meeting is confidential, disable the ability for the invitation to be forwarded.

8. Invite only meeting options

This feature ensures that only the attendees you specifically invited will be able to bypass the meeting lobby and enter the meeting directly.

9. 1,000 participant meeting limit

This feature increases the attendee limit to 1,000 participants (does not apply to the free Teams account).

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