Is Simplisafe a good security option for my business?

Whether you’ve heard the advertisements on your favorite podcast or read the endorsements from Fox news, The New York Times, or even by Dave Ramsey, you’re likely familiar with Simplisafe™. The security company that has taken the tech world by storm with relatively affordable security systems and no contracts, they fit right into the “cable-cutting” consumer phase with the likes of Spotify, Netflix, etc. It’s both simple and minimalistic, and you get to pick exactly what you want. As a consumer, it sounds great, but what about for your business? Is it the right choice? Ultimately that answer is up to you, and without meeting with your team and finding out your specific security needs, we’re going to slap a big “Maybe” on that question and discuss a few things you may want to consider when making this decision.

When looking at Simplisafe™ (or any other security manufacturer) for your business, there are a few things you need to ask yourself.

Will this system protect my business and assets and how will I know?

Is this system a scalable solution that will grow as my business grows?

What are the limitations to this system?

Security Systems for Business | When it comes to cost, Simplisafe™ makes a compelling case for itself. Traditionally, security companies would offer consumers little to no upfront cost in exchange for a 3-5 year contract for monthly monitoring expenses. However, Simplisafe™ introduced a disruption to this model by asking you to pay upfront for the equipment and then making the monthly monitoring optional. Depending on your specific needs, you’re looking at between $200-500 for your upfront equipment. For their monitoring service with the enhanced features you’d want for your business (Alerts and Control via your phone or online) it’ll cost you $25 per month.

In terms of scalability, this is where Simplisafe™ becomes a limited solution. It’s important to remember that Simplisafe™ was predominantly designed for residential use, and not at all intended for moderate to large scale commercial use. As a company, they’re relatively transparent in this regard. They recommend that if your building is 20,000 square feet or larger, or if you require a significant amount of sensors, they’re probably not the solution for you. It’s these limitations, paired with proprietary equipment, no complex zoning options, limited user management, an overall lack of complex programming and no on-site maintenance that really divides Simplisafe™ from the more serious commercial competitors in the security world.

Having covered the three questions, hopefully it’s clear that if you’re a very small business (a coffee shop, an insurance office, a realtor, etc.), and your main goal is just a basic security system, than Simplisafe™ or a similar DIY option may be a good fit for you. However, it’s important to keep in mind that with any DIY security solution, you lack some assurance from an onsite professional that your sensors are in the correct place or that your building is legitimately secure and unfortunately it may not be until you’ve experienced a breach in security that these problems are identified. Additionally, if your security needs are more complex or you foresee significant growth in your business and its premises, than we highly recommend speaking to one of our security professionals and looking into a more commercial-appropriate solution.

Security Systems for Business | Vicom offers products by companies like Honeywell™ that are quite comparable in price– with entry-level costs between $300 and $600, and monthly monitoring costs around $25 per month on a 3 – 5 year contract. Honeywell is one of a variety of seasoned manufactures that have been in this business for many years and that established history can provide increased dependability and assurance. These systems may be better suited for your business needs because they offer more secure and encrypted signals, more complexity for programming, access control, and cloud management for better management across multiple sites.

Considering that they were designed for use in a commercial space, they have significantly better scalability, and when provided by a trusted security integrator, they’ll come with on-site maintenance and trusted professionals you can rely on. The value of a trusted professional installing and maintaining your security can not be understated because this may be your first security install but for a legitimate integrator, it could be our 1000th.

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