How much does a cloud phone system cost? 2022 Update

This article was originally published on our blog in early 2021. The transition to the cloud has only increased as we enter into 2022. If your organization has not made the decision as to which cloud provider is the best for you, then this will be a great resource. In addition to the information provided in the original article, below we’ve added a comparison chart showing the differences in features and costs between four major providers of cloud phone solutions in 2022.

8×8 Nextiva RingCentral Zoom Phone
Target Audience

Organizations of all sizes.

Target Audience

Small – Medium sized organizations.

Target Audience

Organizations of all sizes.

Target Audience

Organizations of all sizes.


Unlimited Calling, SMS & Fax


Multi-Level Auto Attendant


Call Recordings


Visual Voicemail


Music on Hold


Local Number Porting & Direct Dial Number


Overhead Paging


Caller ID, Blocking, & Do Not Disturb


Call Forwarding & Transfer


Call Waiting & Parking


3-Way Calling


Ring Group


Call Monitoring


Call Queues


Role-Based Access Controls


Multi-Site Support


User Provisioning


Cost Center


Emergency Services


Directory Assistance








Nextiva App


Unlimited Calling in North America


Unlimited Business Text Messaging


Unlimited Online Faxing


Unlimited Web Conferencing


Team Chat


Keep Your Existing Number with Number Porting


Free Local Phone Number


Free Toll-Free Number


Extension Dialing


Number Change

Auto Attendant

Advanced Call Management


Advanced Call Routing


Call Analytics


Do Not Disturb Mode



Voicemail Greetings




Voicemail to Email


Voicemail to Text


VoIP Caller ID


Call Screening

Call Recording & Rating


Call Park


Call Forwarding


Three-Way Calling


Conference Bridge


Call Queuing


Call Presence


Call Pulling


Call Transfer


Call Notify


Anonymous Call Rejection


Push to Talk


Priority Alerts


Custom Ringback


Custom Music on Hold


VoIP Switchboard


Hosted PBX Phone System


SIP Trunking


VoIP Desk Phones


Nextiva Softphone

Conversational AI



Business phone or toll-free numbers


Unlimited calls within the US/Canada**


Business SMS



Team messaging

Document sharing


No limit on number of users


Business phone numbers in over 100 countries


Unlimited internet fax


Unlimited audio conferencing

Video meetings with up to 100 participants


Up to 24-hour meeting duration


Quality-of-service reports


Popular integrations including

Office 365, Google Workspace, Slack,

and more


24/7 support


Automatic call recording


Single Sign-on


Multi-site admin and management


Up to 8-digit extensions with site codes


Hot desking


Advanced call handling including whisper, barge, and more


Video meetings with up to 200 participants


Real-time analytics


Popular CRM integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, and more


Industry-specific integrations with Canvas, Smarsh, and more


Developer platform and custom integrations


Device status reports


Device status alerts


Unlimited storage***



Hosted PBX

Hosted telephony infrastructure obviated the need for local PBX hardware

Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR is a phone menu allowing callers to interact with the system through voice and keypad

User templates

Create and apply batch configurations to multiple users at once

Call reports

Historical call analysis and trending metrics


Directory of employee names

Voice directory of all employees for self-service dialing

Call Management Features

Customized phone system settings

Answering rules

Ability to enter rules to route calls to main number or other extensions in case of absence

Call recording

Automatic recording of inbound and outbound calls

Call park

Ability to hold calls in virtual location and subsequently access from any phone in system

Call screening

Ability to block numbers or send calls directly to voicemail

Message alerts

Receive SMS and email message notifications for voice and fax messages

VoIP system collaboration Features

Team collaboration via cloud phone system

Instant messaging

Users are able to communicate via chat, either one-on-one or in a group message, through an instant messaging or chat tool.

Mobile apps Features

VOiP apps for mobile devices

Mobile app


Cost per User Start at

$15 – $44 per User per Month

Cost per User Start at

$18.95 – $57.95 per User per month

Cost per User

$19.99 – $49.99 per User per Month

Cost per User Start at


$120 – 240 per User per Year

Simply put, a cloud phone system is a major component of a unified communication solution that delivers all its services via your internet connection. These systems offer call routing, automated greetings, voicemail, conference calling, call recording, and many other features you are familiar with on your current phone system. Cloud phone systems piggyback on your data network and typically do not require equipment to be installed onsite, other than the physical phones.


  1. What type of phone service is the best solution for my organization?


Choosing the right solution should start with your organization’s current situation. What are your needs, wants, and capabilities? These answers will be unique to you and will be crucial in determining the right choice when it comes to your communications provider.


  1. What impact will a cloud phone system have on my organization’s internet speed?


Due to the nature of how a cloud phone system works, its use of bandwidth should be a consideration when determining your phone solution. A proper UCC engineer will understand the different factors within each phone solution and can assess your system’s strength and provide a suggested solution based on those factors.


  1. How scalable is this solution for my organization?


Scalability is a major pro for a cloud option but it still deserves its place in the conversation. Assessing where you are now and where you foresee your business will grow will help in choosing the right phone solution that meets your current needs and the needs you’ll have in the future.


  1. What hardware do we need?


I don’t use a physical office phone and instead prefer to take most of my office calls utilizing my smartphone. This is a personal preference though, as many still prefer a physical office telephone. It’s important to consider this aspect as well as it will affect the overall cost of your organization’s solution.


  1. Should I sign a contract?


We’re no longer living in the days of being stuck in a massive and expensive contract with telephone providers. Cloud phone systems provide major flexibility and versatility but that doesn’t always mean that there is no service contract or agreement. Rather than just pursuing no contract, many would benefit from ensuring that any service contract they do enter into works for their business and provides the flexibility necessary to meet the rapid changes that many organizations will typically experience.


The great news in all of this is that you’re not alone. Vicom has the engineers and the experience to navigate through the many solutions and provide you with the right options and solutions. If you’re ready to speak to someone about a cloud phone system for your organization, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!


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