Cloud Phone Systems are the future and they may be the missing key to your return to the workplace

Through the pandemic, we saw a significant amount of change develop in the modern workplace. Many organizations were forced into adjusting the way that they operated and though some of the changes were uncomfortable, there are likely other changes that may be here to stay. That means that although we’re beginning to sense some normalcy in our day-to-day experiences, leadership will have to make some decisions about the way they do business moving forward. As we observe a mass return to the workplace through this summer and fall, it may be a great time to assess if a move to Cloud Phone System can assist in easing that transition process.

There’s not too much debate regarding if cloud phone systems are the future, the question becomes

“When is the right time for my organization to implement a cloud phone system?”.

Additionally, there may be questions regarding the best process, which solution is the right solution and how can you make the change without disturbing the way you currently operate.

A cloud-based phone system provides a variety of benefits that can greatly assist in the return to the workplace. Its flexibility is ideal for the hybrid model that combines remote work with office work. As organizations begin to assess how many offices they require post-pandemic and reduce or increase the workforce, the scalability of a cloud phone system is a great benefit. Comparing the costs of a cloud phone system with an on-premise system will show that cloud phone systems are affordable and provide many options and features (some of which aren’t available in a traditional phone system).

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