Five gift ideas for the remote worker in your life!

We’re now in the holiday season and for many, that means gifts. Gifts for family, gifts for co-workers, gifts for friends, etc. Chances are that some of your family, friends, and coworkers are among the many that participate in remote work. This creates an excellent gift-giving opportunity for those individuals. Here are a few items we think would enhance the remote worker’s daily work experience and would make excellent gifts this holiday season!


  1. A proper headset with a microphone.

Right off the bat, this gift will immediately enhance this person’s meeting experiences by giving them an upgrade in their personal sound experience and the way they sound to others. There are a variety of manufactures, like our partners at Poly who make different headsets both wireless and connected.


  1. A webcam

Considering that so many meetings have shifted to being conducted via video conferencing, the need for clear and professional video has never been higher. Investing in a

proper webcam will increase the video clarity and color quality when compared to using a traditional built-in webcam. Similar to headsets, there are multiple manufactures for webcams. The webcam I use and enjoy is the Logitech C920S HD Pro which is affordable and of solid quality.




    1. A white noise machine

This may be a unique recommendation but give it a chance and we’ll explain. Chances are high that if you work in a large and busy office, it’s utilizing technology that contributes to a more quiet environment to ensure privacy and reduce distraction. A white noise machine will work in a similar way to reduce the variety of ambient sound and noise in your home office while also working to improve concentration and decrease distraction.


  1. A custom desk calendar

This personalized option is especially great for close family. This will both enhance the look of your remote worker’s desk while also giving them a personal showcase of photos and memories that will give them a positive mental boost throughout their day.


  1. An electric standing desk

Standing desks have become more of an industry-standard in the workplace due to their positive impact on your back and your overall health. Consider gifting your remote worker with the same luxury for their home office! There are affordable options available for consumers that still provide the same benefits as the professional ones used at the office.


We hope this list offered some helpful suggestions and from our whole Vicom team, we hope you have a great holiday season! If we can help you with anything at all, please utilize the form below and we’ll be in contact!





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