Barco Clickshare Conference for the Hybrid Workforce

Audio Visual Conferencing Richmond VA | “On average, people use six different conferencing solutions.” This is according to research by Barco. This is likely not a surprise to you or anyone working primarily remotely during the pandemic of 2021.

Video conferencing has become the standard for communication. Though Team or Zoom solutions seem to be the most well known, many companies choose to utilize a different video solution. As we transition back into the office at our own individual speeds, likely, we’ll still be met with a variety of video conferencing platforms for our daily meetings.

How does an organization begin to bring some clarity on the various moving parts of this hybrid workforce? Barco believes the answer is Clickshare Conference.

Audio Visual Conferencing Richmond VA | The Clickshare Conference gets people to collaborate smoothly in this new hybrid workforce. To allow everyone to seamlessly connect no matter if they’re in the office or at home, and the process is as simple as a click of a button (you know, the infamous Barco Clickshare button).

Clickshare Conference shares communication apps from your laptop on the meeting room display. It brings a wireless connection to the camera, speakers, and mics in the room for a premium hybrid meeting experience.

Barco is confident they can get your meeting up and running with 7 seconds, eliminating the experience of trying to find the right cable and having the technical knowledge to navigate difficult and differing meeting setups in conference rooms, huddle spaces, etc.

Audio Visual Conferencing Richmond VA | In addition to the one-click for joining, sharing, and syncing, the Clickshare Conference also provides an app that enables users to join meetings effortlessly and access powerful collaboration features such as calendar integration, pause, window selection, moderation, desktop, interactivity, local view of the room display and more.

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Lastly, this solution is what Barco calls “Triple Agnostic,” meaning it’s compatible with your laptop (PC or Mac), works with the variety of conferencing platforms available today (Teams, Zoom, Webex, etc.), and connects wirelessly with a variety of USB speakers, mics, webcams, and soundbars.

The system integrates with your network, authenticates and encrypts by default, ISO 27001 certified, provides a management dashboard, useful insights, automatic updates, and gives you five years of warranty and a license to the insights module.

For a demo of the Barco Clickshare Conference, or you have some simple questions about integrating this solution into your workplace, please fill out the form below, and we’ll be in contact with you soon!

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