How much does it cost: Digital Signage

One of the top questions we’re asked is “How much does it cost?”. We understand the thought process behind this question, who doesn’t care about cost? The truth is, we’re all consumers in certain circumstances and typically the first thing any of us look at is the price tag. The internet has provided a comprehensive solution to this age-old purchasing practice but there is pricing for certain industries and solutions that even the internet has trouble providing clear answers for. One of those industries is the commercial AV industry.

Why is it so hard to find the costs for integrated AV solutions?

The truth is, the answer is a bit complicated. There are so many moving parts that go into certain solutions that make it challenging to provide a ballpark in some instances. However, it’s also true that, for a variety of reasons, many integrators are nervous about revealing their prices. We won’t spend too much time on why that is but what we will say is, we want to be the exception to this trend. For the solutions that are possible to ballpark pricing on, we’re looking to provide that answer. That’s why we’re introducing a new series on our Knowledge platform in which we offer some basic solutions that will apply to a variety of organizations. We’ll discuss the need for the solution, our answer to the need and ultimately what you can budget the overall cost should be for a standard package that meets that need.

We thought the best place to start with this new series is Digital Signage. Whether you’re reading a menu off of the screen in your local fast food restaurant, finding direction on a digital map in your local college or hospital, or receive vital news from a screen in the lobby of your child’s school, it’s likely that digital signage has played an informative role in your day to day life. More and more organizations are seeing the value in quality digital signage and they’re making the leap from an underwhelming consumer display running a stale power-point presentation.

When it comes to choosing the right digital signage solution for your organization, the most varying factor is screen size. We have a great article on choosing the right size screen for your needs right here, but for this application, we’ll refer to the standard sizes we’re seeing our clients use lately.

For each of these packages, the solution is straightforward and uniform. They each include a commercial display (this is important for reasons we discussed here), a fixed wall mount, an HD digital signage player with the software needed to create and publish your content, cables, and the installation needed to get it working and looking great. Additionally, there is a small amount of training included to make sure your team understands how to utilize the software to maximize your ability to create attractive and effective signage.


The first package listed includes a 43″ display that we find is ideal for a small office or space. We’d recommend this to a small insurance or real estate office, or any small space where the client is not requiring a large number of people to view the signage at once from a significant distance.


The second package is the one we’ve found most standard lately and that includes a 50″ display. This is a great size display for Digital Signage because, if your content is designed correctly, the size of the display allows for easy viewing in average size spaces such as a typical lobby, office, or restaurant.


Lastly, in circumstances where a 50″ isn’t quite adequate to display signage due to the content displayed or the room in which it’s deployed, we’ve included a 60″ option that can properly display signage in larger lobbies, offices or if the distance between the viewer and the display becomes significant.

Huddle Room Technology

It’s important to remember that these are ballpark prices and ultimately the final solution can vary based on a variety of reasons. We do feel very confident that this is solid ballpark pricing that you can utilize for your AV budget.

AV Engineer Nick Schliske contribued to this article and provided the pricing and solution.


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