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Business Telephone Systems | Communication is essential for the success of virtually any business.

Business Telephony

In most modern businesses, telephony is a key aspect of communication. Though many employees often utilize a mobile device, a telephony system in the office is still a necessary and preferred option for many. Additionally, Vicom’s telephony solutions for your business can allow for office calls to flow naturally into mobile calls.

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Business Telephony on Mobile

Vicom can provide telephony for your business that allows for a consistent online presence. This means that your employees will have access to their phones, and clients will have access to your employees regardless of if they’re at their desks. We operate in a fast pace workforce these days, with many currently and likely in the future adapting to a hybrid workflow combining remote work with office work.

This makes it even more essential to provide your employees with access to your business telephony via their mobile device and providing your clients with a dependable line of communication.

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Cloud-based Hosted Phone Systems

Many companies use cloud-based hosted phone systems. However, these systems rely on a reliable, stable internet connection. On the other hand, there are three business continuity solutions in the event of an outage.

First, is a feature called, destination not reachable call forwarding. When the phone system is set up, a backup phone number is added to the configuration. If the internet goes outcalls forwards to this number using a cell phone or analog line.

The second option to keeping the phones ringing is to add a backup internet circuit from another service provider. Firewalls can be set up with multiple internet connections in high availability. If your office does not have multiple service providers available, a 4G LTE modem can be added for failover to the cell phone network.

The third option for business continuity is hybridization. Some hosted phone systems are capable of a hybrid configuration. This setup would allow your office to install a small phone server in your office that can accept traditional phone circuits. These connections do not require internet connectivity. In the event that your hosted phone system loses connection to the internet, the phones will automatically connect to the local phone service to access the traditional circuits.

No business wants the phones to stop ringing and there are ways to solve this problem. Setting up your environment with business continuity in mind will ensure you avoid missed communications with your clients.


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