A couple reasons why Esports are on the rise

Many organizations are investing in Esports programs. According to NACE, the National Association of Collegiate Esports, there are over 170 participating schools, over 5000 student-athletes with $16 million in Esports scholarships and aids. Some of these schools include Boston University, University of Michigan, Ohio State, University of Virginia, Texas A&M, and many more. This is a growing industry with no plans to slow down.

Why Esports?

Sports news reports that it’s doubtful we’ll see fall college football. Covid-19 has introduced many dangers in collegiate sports that may not be as threatening to the Esports industry. Major sports networks like ESPN have broadcasted Esports regularly during the lack of traditional sports early in the pandemic.

Esports is more inclusive.

According to studies, at least 90% of young boys already play video games. That’s an incredible amount of candidates for Esports, considerably higher than traditional sports. Additionally, Esports allows both male and female players to play together, creating a more diverse and inclusive sports environment. Simple communication with local high schools will likely identify many candidates for Esports leagues passionate about the sport and looking to make it a major focus of their college experience.

Esports tends to produce high achievers.

According to Michael Sherman, director of collegiate esports at Riot Games, 62% of the team players for League of Legends were STEM majors.

This is a trend amongst the Esports industry as players tend to be high achievers in academics and pursue careers in STEM fields after college. This will likely result in employers showing high interest and consideration in student-athletes who participate in Esports programs.

Esports technology companies

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