Case Study – Newport News Police Department Mobile Command Post

The Mobile Command Post of the Newport news Police Department is the only one of its kind on the peninsula and is utilized by both the local Police Department as well as Federal agencies. Whether it’s being deployed in a tactical situation, attending a community event, or even travelling regionally to any area affected by a natural disaster, the vehicle is an important asset to both the police department and the community of Newport News and surrounding areas.

Because of the vehicle’s versatile use and importance, as the existing AV equipment became dated, the Newport News Police knew they needed an upgrade. Due to equipment reaching end of life, utilizing their drone required an inconvenient hardwired connection. Additionally, video distribution was limited, and as MPO D.J. Pointer from the Special Operations Unit of the NNPD explained, “You don’t want to have to tell the chief that something doesn’t work.” This especially becomes an issue when there is no service or support contract available for any of the equipment.

Ultimately, VIcom was selected to perform this crucial upgrade. After replacing all of the existing AV equipment with new and more appropriate gear, the department is now able to operate their drone wirelessly and view all of the video sources in one single space. In addition, all of the equipment is covered under a support contract to make sure the department needs are met and challenges are managed. When asked about the experience of the install, Officer Pointer was very pleased. “It was a great experience, Vicom uncovered unknown issues during the install and quickly engineered cost effective solutions to address them.” He was impressed with the level of communication and ability to keep the project running on time, “Vicom delivered what they said they would deliver”.

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