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More than ever, the experience your customer has matters. As competition in all industries grows, so do customer expectations. Our clients are our top priority so we understand how critical it is for your prospective and current clients to have an impeccable customer experience the first time, every time.

Gone are the days of only being able to get assistance by telephone; your customers can now reach you via IM, email, text, or chat. Some people prefer the “old-fashioned” method of picking up the phone to get an answer, but increasingly common are those who are juggling multiple tasks simultaneously and prefer to chat with a customer service professional via IM or email. Providing your clients several ways in which to communicate allows for higher revenue, an enhanced customer experience, time savings, improved employee performance and overall increased business efficiency. Our contact center solution has the ability to be a stand-alone solution or an integrated working piece of a corporate communications system.

Higher Revenue – More ways to reach you means more business. Enabling customers to contact you in the manner they please opens up the door for increased communication allowing for better customer relationships, new business opportunities, and improved customer loyalty.

Enhanced Customer Experience – Customer satisfaction surveys can be implemented and will give you all of the analytics you need to identify areas of success and areas that need improvement so you can continually improve your company’s customer care experience.

Time Savings –Connect customers with knowledgeable agents faster through voice recognition technology.
Improved Employee Performance – Recorded calls can be utilized as the perfect training tools to train new and refine current employees.

COntact Center
Our contact center solution has the ability to be a stand-alone solution or an integrated working piece of a corporate communications system.

“The Virginia Beach Fire Department is very happy with the design, installation and training on our conference room. The crew did an excellent job and was always very professional. We are thankful to have partnered with such a great crew.”
– Virginia Beach Fire Department

Increased Business Efficiency – Analytics and statistics reports provide essential forecasting enabling supervisors to ensure the appropriate amount of skilled agents are available to facilitate the estimated call volume. This lets your company optimize resource use and effectively manage costs.

VIcom’s contact center solution is a robust, all-in-one approach to customer care. Our solution will help you meet – and exceed – customer expectations.


  • Avaya
  • Computer Instruments
  • Datel
  • Jabra
  • Plantronics
  • Xima Software

Our staff is highly trained and certified on AVAYA and Samsung product lines. The certification process is in place to ensure you will always be offered the right solution the first time – every time.

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