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The future is now.

Prior to Elon Musk becoming a household name, the idea of kicking back in your vehicle and shifting your attention to other pressing matters while your car safely navigates you through traffic was essentially a dream reserved for sci-fi movies and old Jetsons cartoons. Although we’re still not quite there with automotive technology (we’re all looking at you, Tesla,) we can’t deny that the evolution of technology has accelerated faster than any of us ever saw coming, and to some, that can be daunting. So while we all wait patiently for our chance to shift our cars into autopilot, solutions exist today for your company’s technology that can absolutely take the wheel and keep you moving forward.

So while we all wait patiently for our chance to shift our cars into autopilot, solutions exist today for your company’s technology that can absolutely take the wheel and keep you moving forward.

Technology as a Service.

Today we’re talking about financing, but really, it’s much more than that. Whether or not we want to admit it, finances are what’s typically in control of our technology. You can walk into any business that’s suffering from outdated tech, and in most cases, it’s finances that have halted their necessary improvements. Whether it’s a direct money issue, or the person who controls the money, what should be a simple decision regarding equipment, upgrades, or services becomes a much more complex and challenging issue. This can lead to a company’s equipment suffering, but more importantly, it can lead to overall business and production suffering. There’s got to be a better way, right? An autopilot switch that lets you kick back your feet, focus on the other issues at hand with the peace of knowing your technology is navigating the industry trends and progressing forward to a successful destination. The answer is yes, and it comes in the form of technology as a service.

We could spend a tremendous amount of time on a deep dive into the world of technology as a service and eventually we will release more content, but not today. Instead, we’re going to focus on one type of technology as a service that we believe is the answer to the technology crisis we discussed earlier, and unlike the fully autonomous vehicles we’re waiting on, this is ready to go right now. We call it VTAP, or Vicom Technology Assurance Program. Essentially, it’s a rental for your commercial technology but here are five reasons why you should consider it as a lot more than just that.


Five reasons.


  1. What you need, when you need it.
    This is huge and arguably the most important factor to consider. Your company can obtain the technology you need to be successful right now. No down-payments, no fundraising, no debating back in forth with your leadership on an agreeable large sum of money to spend—skip all of it. Instead, here’s a turn-key solution paired with an affordable monthly payment. Pretty nice, right?

    2. Flexibility
    Every company is unique in terms of what technology they need and how they can best utilize it to be successful. That means that what worked a couple years ago may not work as well now, or maybe it works great, but needs to be scaled up to match your company’s growth. VTAP is flexible— meaning that you can add to it as you need to. You can increase what you have, upgrade it, or change it out entirely. The point is, you’re not stuck today with what worked only in the past.

    3. The Budget.
    It’s possible that your company is running so successfully that ready cash flow is not a concern and large ticket purchases don’t require a ton of planning, meetings, and approval. You’d be quite the exception to the ordinary though, and for most businesses, the budget is a major concern. Everyone may be on board in terms of what technology you need, but it can get a little tricky when determining where exactly those funds come from. One of the biggest advantages to utilizing VTAP is that it stops being a conversation surrounding capital expense, and instead finds itself comfortably fitting in as an operational expense. Not only does this tend to make the approval process much easier in the finance department, but it also allows you to plan ahead for the future.

    4. Peace of mind.
    It’s the nature of technology to sometimes have an operational snag or two. It’s not so much a question of if, but of when. When you own your technology, you’re forced to own the problems that may come with it. Some companies may be perfectly qualified to handle that, but to others, it can bring anxiety. VTAP eliminates that worry and instead offers legitimate peace of mind. If anything goes wrong, you can trust it’s taken care of. Whether it’s a maintenance issue or an incident involving insurance, it’s covered and ultimately, it’s not your problem.

    5. A roadmap.
    This reason is easy to overlook but so incredibly important. Changes happen in the structure of a company all the time. People get promoted, they change positions, sometimes they just leave and that makes the evolution of your company’s technology very vulnerable to getting lost in the shuffle or being neglected altogether. Additionally, if you’re in a position where you require an approval to purchase new technology, anytime a situation arises that requires a new purchase, you’re at the mercy of whoever is in the financial decision-making position at that time. VTAP eliminates that anxiety-ridden process and instead offers a true roadmap for your technology. It comes with set terms that have planned stops along the way to re-evaluate your needs. The main idea of VTAP is that it keeps traveling alongside your business indefinitely. So you can rest easy knowing that your upgrades will be there when you need them at a monthly cost that won’t create any conflict with your finance team. Honestly, you can kick back, address the other needs in your business while knowing that your technology is on autopilot with VTAP— and just like your business, it’s progressing forward.

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