Access Control Security Systems and Services

VIcom provides integrated electronic access control via state-of-the-art hardware, software, and various technologies to clients in various industries including education, retail, banking, commercial, and many more. From Small and medium sized PC-based solutions to web-based, multi-site enterprise solutions, our engineers customize, install and service innovative access control systems.

VIcom’s access control and security management solution benefit our clients by:

  1. Increasing operational efficiency
  2. Providing a secure work environment
  3. Maintaining control of restricted access areas
  4. Deterring criminal activities such as theft and vandalism
  5. Giving access to system audit data
  6. Providing visibility on employee and visitor comings and goings
  7. Controlling access to multiple facilities remotely
  8. Having the ability to lock and unlock doors within predetermined restrictions

With years of systems integration experience and strong partnerships within the industry, VIcom provides the following access control and security management solutions:

– Video Surveillance
– Access Control
– Intrusion

VIcom provides the following access control and security management solutions.
VIcom provides the following access control and security management solutions.

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Our solutions include options such as biometric authentication, photo ID badging, cashless payment systems, time and attendance, automatic gates, elevators, turnstiles, security cameras, alarm systems and other options depending on the level of security required by your organization.

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