Hybrid Workforce: 2020 Series

Employees in virtually every industry have seen a major shift in the dynamic of their workplace. The traditional busy commute into a packed office is just not currently possible and although we may get back to that state, every employer must acknowledge and plan for a major shift in the traditional office model. What does that mean exactly? It may look like a large amount of your workforce adapting to a new hybrid work environment, a balance of remote work from home and work within the office.

Big players are leading the way in this shift. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Shopify and more have introduced extended work from home policies that is open to becoming permanent and although many small businesses might not have the luxury of offering this to their entire workforce, a hybrid model will appeal to many.

Ultimately what this means is that employers may need to reconsider how they do business. What may have worked in the past may no longer work in the future. This likely will require an adjusted plan for your technology. We’ve decided this would be a great time to highlight some products and solutions we can provide here at VIcom to assist you as you consider the shift to a hybrid workforce.

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