How much does an Access Control System cost?

So you have done all your research and you have determined you would benefit from an electronic access control system. Now what is it going to cost? Many factors can affect the answer to that question. What I hope to convey to you in this article are the rough costs of an access control system.

The components of a basic access control system for one door are:


The Lock

There are many electrified locking options out there. For the purposes of this article, we will only discuss two types, the electric strike and the magnetic lock (maglock).

Electric strikes come in a number of types for all kinds of applications and will run you anywhere from approximately one hundred dollars for an interior door strike to several thousand for the most secure facilities.

For the average door however, the cost is generally about $300.00 installed.

Maglocks also come in a number of varieties depending on the strength required.

For an average door look to spend approximately $300.00 as well.

The Power

Most single door controllers have adequate voltage to power most electric strikes however if you choose a maglock you will need to supplement with an additional power supply.

A good power supply with fused outputs and battery backup will run you approximately $150.00

The Control

Access control systems come in as many varieties as locks. A good integrator can help you decide what system is best for you.

For a single door, you are looking at approximately $600.00 to $700.00 for the panel to control the lock other devices associated with the system.

The Reader

This can vary depending on the level of security you aspire to achieve.

Basic readers cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands depending on the level of security. Average quality readers will cost approximately $200.

More secure readers also mean more secure credentials (keyfobs, cards, Bluetooth, etc.) as well. Costs are commensurate with the level security so the more secure the reader, the more costly the credential.

Common credentials offering good security will cost about $8.00 piece for off the shelf and $12-$15 for custom numbered cards

The Devices

Depending on what lock you choose, building, and fire codes may require you to add devices to aid in egress. These devices include a request to exit button, request to exit motion.

Each of these devices run an average of $100.00 each. You may also want to add devices to tell you the status of the door such as a magnetic contact. These can cost anywhere from $5.00 to $500.00 for a BMS (balanced magnetic switch). On an average install the contact will cost about $10.00.

The Labor

An integrator is essential in a successful access control installation. An access control system is only as good as its install. Improper installation of an access control system can result in frustration and add risk to your facility by not properly securing your door or not allowing egress in the case of an emergency. The labor for installing an access control system on an average door is about three to five houses depending on the circumstances. Rates can vary so check with your local integrator.


Essentially, you are looking at $1500 to $2000 per door installed. As stated this can vary depending on the level the level of security, type of door, type of lock, and many other factors. Contact your local integrator to help guide you through this selection process.

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