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VIcom provides everything you need for cloud success. From business development to mission essential projects, manage your complete business application portfolio with VIcom’s enterprise cloud services. We will help you navigate the cloud and assist in determining whether the cloud is right for your business success. VIcom offers varied cloud options including a scalable private cloud, hybrid cloud and public cloud. Whether all of your IT services need to move to the cloud or just a few of them, our team of experts will aid in the migration and provide continued support.


Bring your network into today’s technology without the daunting up-front cost. Our complete end-to-end HaaS managed service solution covers all of the technology you need including servers, workstations, firewalls, thin clients, notebooks, and more without a large capital investment. VIcom’s Hardware as a Service (HaaS) will help you get hardware the easy way, all in a predictable, monthly payment plan.


Software as a Service (SaaS) is a means of delivering applications via the Internet as a service. You can free yourself from the burden of software and hardware management and simply access the resources you need online, on-demand. VIcom’s SaaS experts have partnered with only the best providers that meet our strict capability and stability demands.

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VIcom offers varied cloud options including a scalable private cloud, hybrid cloud and public cloud.


“The team you sent out was fast and efficient, they did an excellent job.”
– Norfolk Public Schools

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At VIcom we understand the overwhelming complexity and cost associated with network infrastructure. With our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions you have the ability to utilize the cloud techonologies while reducing your carbon footprint and users are only charged for the time and resources used adding more money to your organization’s bottom line.


If you want to enhance your business’s continuity capabilities, improve disaster recovery efforts, and reduce operating costs, transferring your entire data center or just parts to a hosted cloud solution. VIcom offers both cloud hosting and managed cloud hosting and our team would be happy to helping you determine whether cloud colocation is right for you.

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