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VIcom’s Education Consultant is a former Private School educator, having worked in this sector for 30 years as a Head of School/Headmaster, Principal/Division Head, teacher and coach. He fully understands and appreciates the unique culture of private education and is able to provide school, culture, and mission specific consultation and training services. VIcom’s Education Consultant is also available to assist you in raising the necessary funding for technology projects and/or equipment through presentations to board members/committees, potential donors, parents, et al.

The Education Consultant’s role was created in response to the growing demand for ongoing support and product development opportunities. His role has continued to evolve over the years in order to best support schools with their integration process and use of various technology products. What can VIcom’s Education Consultant & Master Trainer do to support your private school? An EC can support your school at every phase of the adoption process.

Decision Phase (Phase 1)

  • Support the set up and deployment of Proof of Concept Projects within the school
  • Seed product into the school for evaluation by teachers
  • Power & Potential presentations on any or all education technology solutions for key decision makers in the school, including administrators, board members, and potential donors
  • Observe classroom use of products and make recommendations for development of these products

Initial Implementations Phase (Phase 2)

  • Support the development of a long term professional development plan
  • Give recommendations for school-based roll out
  • Hold meetings with school level administration to give recommendations/suggestions for and answer questions about school based roll out
  • Provide training to teachers, curriculum support staff, technology coordinators, and administration
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VIcom’s Education Consultant is available to assist you in raising the necessary funding for technology projects and/or equipment through presentations to board members/committees, potential donors, parents, et al.


“VIcom has always provided good, prompt service. The technicians have all been very professional and represent your agency well. Having dealt with a lot of vendors over the years, I can assure you that is it is a pleasure to deal with the folks from VIcom.”
– Newport News Police Department

Development Phase (Phase 3)

  • Deliver school specific professional development programs to support the school’s Mission and Strategic Plan
  • Support the integration of classroom solutions
  • Provide materials to assist key users in the delivery of training and professional development within the school

Exemplary Phase (Phase 4)

  • Support for the development of user groups
  • Provide opportunities for continued professional development including certifications

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Meet your Education Consultant and Master Trainer, Dr. Rossi.

Dr. Rossi joined the VIcom team in June 2010 after spending 30 years as an independent/private school educator. During his tenure in the educational world, Dr. Rossi held positions as English teacher, Varsity soccer coach, middle and upper School division head/principal as well as Headmaster/Head of School in three states: Virginia, Florida and Georgia.

In his role as Education Consultant and Trainer, Dr. Rossi has conferred with higher education, K-12 schools/districts, corporate and federal officials to develop curricula and establish guidelines for educational technology products, lesson plans and programs best suited to meet individual school, corporate, federal, and/or school system’s needs. He has provided training to over 3000 employees in K-12 schools, universities, corporations, and federal entities in the use of technology products for more efficient and cost effective teaching and collaboration.

Since VIcom is a SMART Technologies Certified Training Center, the only one in the state of Virginia and only one of 13 in the U.S., Dr. Rossi is also responsible for training and developing educators in becoming SMART Certified Trainers for their institutions.

“My experience in the education allows for a unique perspective in the business world, for education is, after all, a business. Many of the strategies and theories used to run a school are similar to those of a 21st Century Learning Environment.As a teacher of teachers and administrators, I recognize the importance of differentiating instruction for adult learners. VIcom stresses and fosters the conceptual importance of being a vital entity of the whole, and the importance of being “as important as” not “more important than” the next person.”

If you are in the market for educational solutions, training-based applications or training services based platform, it would be our pleasure to help you. Please contact us at (757) 490-7777 or info@vicom-corp.com