Virtual access to your data from anywhere around the globe

Virtualization lets one piece of equipment to act as multiple virtual servers performing different functions while simultaneously running different operating systems. Server virtualization optimizes the use of your resources, increases availability and quickness within the network infrastructure. VIcom’s professionals will take you through the data center transformation and give you the ability to harbor the abilities of multiple servers within fewer devices while enhancing performance and functionality.

We’ve partnered with the best of the best, VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix, to offer you varied virtualization solutions to meet your individual needs. Each company delivers their unique version of hypervisor:

VMware:             vShpere

Microsoft:           Hyper-V

These solutions provide a solid foundation to build a private cloud for your data center.

Transforming your business to a virtualized data center gives you features such as high availability clustering, snapshots, and application flexibility.

In addition to these benefit features, a private cloud architecture offers a platform for crisis recovery preparation.

Virtualized servers can be easily transferred from hardware platform to hardware platform despite their locations – in the same building or across the country.

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Server virtualization optimizes the use of your resources, increases availability and quickness within the network infrastructure.


“I would like to commend VIcom on the conversion of our phone system for 800 stations. Your team worked diligently every day and into the evenings in order to meet our cutoff date. They handled themselves in an exemplary fashion and our staff and users enjoyed having them on campus! I appreciate everything you and your folks did to make this conversion possible.Each person was a joy to work with! Thank you!”
– Hollins University

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI is one of the most typical uses of a virtualized environment. With VDI, Windows or Linux user operating systems are able to run on server based virtual machines in the data center allowing the user to access from a personal computer, thin client, or other device. Within a server based hypervisor, a complete client environment is virtualized consolidating users’ desktops.

Rely on your trusted technology integration partner, VIcom, to help virtualize your organization and learn how VMware’s vSphere, Microsoft’s Hyper-V Server, and Citrix’s XenServer will benefit you. We are proud to have longstanding partnerships with these companies and know your organization will profit from great flexibility in virtual device positioning and support throughout your company’s virtual environment.

Whatever your virtualization needs, call on the knowledgeable VIcom team to design the best solution for you.

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