Video Distribution Systems

Video Distribution Systems
Video Distribution Systems
Video Distribution Systems

Video and media distribution is essential within many media to large organizations. Moreover, it provides important information and entertainment. Besides, video distribution systems can be simple and minimalistic or large and incredibly scalable.

Types of Video Distribution Systems

Common video distribution systems include concert venues, houses of worship sanctuaries, and restaurants and bars. Other applications for video distribution include courthouse or in a similar secure environment. You also might be interested in the following video distribution articles, Houses of Worship, and Voice Communications.

We Know Video Distribution

VIcom knows Video Distribution Systems. VIcom helps many organizations simplify and enhance their ability to communicate audio-video efficiently.

Our expertise in this important area includes Retail businesses, Houses of worship, Sports venues, Foodservice, and Hospitality industries. For example, churches may combine a video wall in the front of the sanctuary with more video monitors towards the church’s rear.

Similarly, restaurants may feature multiple monitors with different feeds for news, sports, and entertainment, creating a more pleasurable experience for their customers. In the same way, sports venues or sportsplex may display video feeds for all the different activities in the facility.

About VICom

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