Telephone Entry

Telephone Entry Systems
Telephone Entry

Telephone Entry Systems | A common and effective method for controlling visitor access to a residential or commercial property is a phone entry system. This system provides communication from an entry point to a resident in your building via the telephone lines.

First, upon establishing communication, the person at the entry point can speak with the tenant. Next, if the resident wants to provide access, they’ll dial a number on their phone.

As a result, this activates a relay in the phone entry system and ultimately grants visitors access.

These systems can also provide video communication and the telephone system and work with landlines or mobile devices.

Telephone Entry Systems Integration

An integrator is essential in a successful telephone entry installation. In other words, a phone entry system is only as good as its install. Improper installation can result in frustration and add risk to your facility by not allowing egress in the case of an emergency.

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