School Security Systems

School Security Systems | Security in a learning environment is important to us and especially important to your staff and the parents of your students.

From Access Control to Identity Management, it’s vital to know that only the appropriate parties are provided access to your spaces of learning.

Additional technologies such as Audio Analytics can assist in monitoring the classroom environment and notifying the correct faculty if anything goes wrong.

School Security Systems

Modern learning institutions have facilities that need to be kept safe. Educators and students trust that the decision-makers have taken steps to keep their learning environment secure.

Access Control in Schools

When you consider the financial investment many schools and universities have made in their facility and technology. Therefore it’s vital that they can control who has access to buildings and classrooms.

Access control, Surveillance, and Monitoring are common aspects of an effective school security system. Advanced analytics and data collection also play a major role in the current standard for premise security.

The key to maximizing your system and the well being of your school is in creating harmony and relationship between the various security applications available.

When these different key parts of your security system are working together, rest assured that your business’s most important assets are protected.

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About VICom

Church security systems are only as good as its install. Moreover, you are adding risk to your facility. For example, not properly securing doors or not allowing egress in the case of an emergency.

VIcom knows School Security Systems. VIcom assists many educational facilities in simplifying and enhancing their security needs efficiently. We have years of experience, professional certifications, and a passion for the security field. Furthermore, our team is ready to design, integrate, and maintain a top-notch system to keep your school safe and protected.

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