Patti Williamson

Patti Williamson Vice President Adminstration and Finance VIcom
Patti Williamson

Vice President
Adminstration and Finance

Patti began working in customer service related fields at the age of 16 and worked though college. After graduating from ODU she began working for Copy Data Group, a local copier / fax company. She worked in several positions within the company and settled into the Finance/HR realm. During her tenure with CDG, she worked with Dennis and BJ – VIcom’s Founders. A week after VIcom was formed, she came on board in a finance capacity. Her position eventually evolved into VP Admin & Finance Operations.

What is your favorite book?

Not sure I have 1 favorite. When I do have time to sit and read, I generally read fitness articles.

What is the best piece of advice ever given to you?

Whenever I had a question, I would ask my father for the answer. He would tell me “look it up”, so I would, and then we would discuss. Taking the time to look up answers has helped me remember far more than I thought I would. He would also tell me to never stop trying!