Mission Critical

Military Technology Solutions
Mission Critical

Military Technology Solutions | The military and government, and more organizations require mission-critical AV solutions to monitor and address critical information.

We are strategically organized to allow experts from each technology division to engage in projects as needed while promoting collaboration between divisions to strengthen the development, implementation, and support efforts.

Unified Solutions

Our unique composition of fully-capable Audio Video and Voice/ Data/ Security divisions allows us to provide truly Unified Solutions. Are you considering a large videowall or creating a unified mobile solution? We have the technical staff and expertise to consult, design, and implement the perfect solution for your business.

The engineering and integration can greatly influence your ability to monitor and address any critical situation without the distraction of an inadequate AV system. Therefore we invite you to explore the full range of AV applications that VIcom can provide. For example, Video Conferencing, Collaboration, Digital Signage, Sound Masking, and Pro Audio. Also, explore our services for Live Streaming, Broadcast Video, Church AV, and Educational AV solutions.

About VICom

VIcom knows military technology solutions. VIcom is a clear leader in mission-critical applications. Not just because of the technology we implement but because of the high standard of excellence we demand throughout our entire team.

Our team has professional skills in mission-critical fields. Moreover, this is the core reason that we’re trusted by many organizations ranging from enterprise-level to small business.

Furthermore, VIcom assists the United States Government and U.S. Military in simplifying and enhancing their ability to communicate securely and efficiently.

Our expertise in this important area includes Secure communications, Security Applications, VOIP/IP Telephony, Audio Video, and Cloud & IT. For more information, call: (757) 490-7777.

If you’re interested in a free demo to see how we can assist your organization during this time, please fill out our contact form, and we’ll be in contact with you!

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