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Live Stream Churches
Live Stream Churches
Live Streaming

Live Stream Churches

The most common use of organizations effectively utilizing live streams are the many churches streaming their services each Sunday morning. Still, the possibilities for effective live streams exist in any organization looking to grow their audience and increase their overall reach.

Live Streaming Events

Other live streaming video applications include the streaming video for memorial services and live streaming on social media or video platforms. For example, Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook.

Businesses and organizations may live stream company-wide announcements or commemorative events such as milestone events. You also might be interested in the following live streaming article, 3 Steps to Live Stream on Facebook.

Popular Live Streaming Uses

You most likely watch a live stream every day and not aware of it. The lines are rapidly blurring between pre-recorded video and live stream video.

For example, popular live streaming uses include the following,
News reporting and interviews
Live Q&A, such as town halls.
Product launches
Educational events

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