Church Audio Video Systems

Church Audio Video Systems

Church audio video systems | While there is a vast amount of audio-visual possibilities for the modern house of worship, AV’s primary functions include the audio portion, video portion, and theatrical lighting portion of the traditional worship service.

Our engineering and integration team understand the desires, expectations, and overall flow of the church. This technology is evolving rapidly. Typically, a successful church is growing, so it’s important to approach any AV need for a house of worship with both the present and future need in mind!

When you take into consideration the bandwidth requirements for a quality live stream, the congregation, utilizing wireless internet to access their bibles and sermon notes, and the various smart devices used by the church faculty on any given Sunday morning, the network of the modern church needs to be robust and capable. In addition to handling that large amount of track, the ability to manage and prioritize it is equally as important.

Network Infrastructure

Having the correct network infrastructure in place is vital for any growing church. Not just making sure it’s capable of where you are today but that it’s capable of growing as your congregation increases.

For these reasons and more, we recommend every church consider a consultation with one of our network engineers to discuss their current needs and future goals. We understand your mission and are excited to assist in the progress.

Church Video Systems

The current standard for Church Video is high. In other words, your church congregants expect high-quality video quality and content in their day to day experiences and expect the same in their house of worship.

Now more than ever, people are experiencing their Sunday morning service via live-stream from their home. Your church video’s quality can directly affect your audience’s size and potential visitors to your church.

Vicom works with your church leadership to determine the current and future needs of your church video. We provide a full turn-key solution or offer a phased approach, building off your current video system.

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VIcom’s church audio and video engineering team have years of experience working in churches. We understand the importance of your technology needs, and we work to support your church’s overall mission.

We believe in operating with integrity and developing a long-term relationship with your church and those who lead it. For more information, call: (757) 490-7777. Please be sure to follow VIcom on Linked In.