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Cloud & IT Solutions Churches | The amount of bandwidth requirements for the modern church is considerable.

For example, quality live stream, or the congregation utilizing wireless internet to access their bibles and sermon notes. Furthermore, there are the various smart devices used by the church faculty on any given Sunday morning.

IT Network of the Modern Church

Therefore the network of the modern church needs to be robust and capable. In addition to handling that large amount of track, the ability to manage and prioritize it is equally as important. Having the correct network infrastructure in place is vital for any growing church.

Scaling Your Network for Congregation Growth

Not just making sure it’s capable of where you are today but that it’s capable of growing as your congregation increases.

For these reasons and more, we recommend every church consider a consultation with one of our network engineers to discuss their current needs and future goals. We understand your mission and are excited to assist in the progress.

Please see the following professional audio system article, Case study for East End Baptist Church.

Cloud & IT Solutions for Churches Beyond the Sanctuary

The needs for effective technology exist outside of the sanctuary as well. The modern church needs to have a robust network and infrastructure to handle live streaming, wifi users, online tithing, and more. Additionally, it needs to be secure, considering that many church attendees choose to pay their tithe via their mobile device. We understand these technology needs and take them seriously.

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