Cloud and IT

Cloud Based Education Solutions
Cloud and IT

Cloud-Based Education Solutions | Overall network strength in a school is critical. Moreover, security is vital for keeping both your students and their information safe and secure.

Additionally, with the variety of devices students may bring into the classroom and utilize for learning, it’s important to maintain control. Above all having the ability to monitor their online activity.

New Technology and Analytics

New technological advancements provide school faculty with more information and useful analytics that can flag dangerous behavior and provide a comprehensive look at your student’s online activity.

Cloud and IT in the Classroom

Technology has never been more important in the classroom.

The ways in which students learn are evolving with the technology outside of the classroom.  And many schools are recognizing the importance of keeping their technology up to date and effective.

From Cloud and IT and Cloud-Based Education Solutions, virtually every technology we specialize in can play a significant role in a classroom environment.

Audio Analytics Surveillance

The benefit of audio analytics can be found in a variety of applications.

For example, it can detect a rising conflict or detect aggression in the classroom. Or, in a worst-case scenario, it can detect a gunshot in a school, university, teaching center, etc.

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