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Audio Video Education Solutions
Audio Visual

Audio Video Education Solutions | From interactive displays to digital signage, applications for Audio Visual in a learning environment are significant. We’ve partnered with some industry-leading manufacturers to offer turnkey solutions, complete with interactive training and long-term support.

Real-World Educator Experience

Our education team is led by real-world educators who have a first-hand understanding of teachers’ and school administrators’ needs.

The first steps begin with a consultation to the implementation, then training, and support. Accordingly, we provide a solution that meets your staff and students’ needs today while setting you up for success in the future.

Full Range of Educational Applications

VIcom provides a full range of education applications for schools and institutions of learning.

For example, Classroom audiovisual solutions, Emergency mass notification, school security, and monitoring. Furthermore, all this technology is supported by training.

Moreover, we place such a strong emphasis on training, both initially after the installation and then continued as needed in the future.

Your faculty receives training from a real-world educator with skills in education and thoroughly understands the technology and how it applies to the classroom.

Audio Video Education Solutions

VIcom is a clear leader in the audio-video education industry. Specifically, because of the high standard of excellence, we demand throughout our entire team.

Our team is highly trained and highly experienced. Furthermore, this is the core reason many learning institutions of learning from k12 trust VIcom.

From Audio Visual and Networking to Security, virtually every technology we specialize in can play a significant role in a classroom environment.

Institutions of learning trust VIcom to bring the right technology into thousands of classrooms, both large and small.

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