Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems
Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems | While their areas in your business invite guests, most businesses have areas they’d prefer to retain full access control. This is where access control can play a major part in the security and well-being of your company.

Physical Access Control

Examples of physical access control include back door, employee entrance, staircase, elevators, specific rooms within your office, storage room etc.

Object Access Control

Or you may be looking to limit access to objects such as a specific drawer or a computer. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Your specific access control solution is dependent upon the individual needs and desires of your organization. Ultimately, if there’s something you’d like to secure, access control can play a key role in that.  Additionally, it provides your administrators with important analytics and records they can use if a situation arises that requires that, such as an audit.

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About VICom

An access control system is only as good as its install. Improper installation of an access control system can result in frustration. Moreover, you are adding risk to your facility by not properly securing your door or not allowing egress in the case of an emergency.

VIcom knows Access Control. VIcom assists many organizations in simplifying and enhancing their security needs efficiently. We have years of experience, professional certifications, and a passion for the security field. Furthermore, our team is ready to design, integrate, and maintain a top-notch system to keep your workplace safe and functioning correctly.

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